The Morning After The Night Before

Get inventive on your first day of wedded bliss with our easy how to guide

Congratulations! You have hired a tipi, tied the knot, sealed the deal and enjoyed your first night as Mr and Mrs, so now the fun can really begin.

If you’ve decided on a Love Tipis wedding, chances are you are a fan of glamping, and have embraced the idea of your own private “WedFest” complete with luxury bell tents, fire pits, luxury showers and open air                                                                                                                                                                                       dance floor- in fact the world is your oyster!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           But what are the perks if you wake up in a field, with your new spouse, and your best friends? Finishing off the champagne goes without saying, and party games can commence.

There are plenty of options for getting the party started again, from croquet to wet sponge (or welly) throwing, limbo-ing or tug-o-war to ten pin bowling; For even more giggles, get a bit competitive with team games such as pass the bean bag or water filled balloon which are all pretty easy to prepare and don’t require much brain power! The attaching a loo roll to a plunger is advised after a couple of tequilas, and traditional sack races are loads of fun; However, watching your best man trying to whack an orange through a pair of tights is something that he might never live to forget and is plenty of ammunition for his wedding speech.

For a more novel idea, call in an expert, and book a fortune teller for your guests- or ask us about our professional archer, who can give lessons so you can all hit the bullseye and end up with a sweetheart!

Whatever you decide, the mundane chore of name changing, wedding dress cleaning and card opening can wait. The first day of being married is by far the best! And a great present for your camping buds is a portable phone charger, so this special day can be documented too.

Check out a highly recommended fortune teller for inspo on what you should do next!