love tipis hen party



You’ve booked the date for your wedding, you’ve sorted your dress. You’ve even settled on your chief bridesmaid without too much stress. Next on the list is your hen do…

First and foremost, work out who you would like to share this last night/weekend of freedom with you, and note where they are all based. Presumably you will have friends from Uni, friends from home and friends from London! So this will affect what you do and where you do it.

Having a girls’ weekend in Ibiza with your best mates might be your ultimate idea of a good send off, but chances are you have Auntie Sheila and new mum in law on the must invite list, and staying up until sunrise is probably not going to get you any brownie points. Plus, unless you can organise the flights/and/or the accommodation, a mini break is a big ask for those on a budget.

However there are lots of entertaining activities you could get up to closer to home. From champagne tasting, to getting crafty at a pottery or life drawing class or getting served a five course meal by your own cheeky naked waiter. Or try a combination of a few, and finish off with learning some of Beyoncé’s booty shaking  dance moves (or swivelling around a pole might be more your bag?!)  Anything is possible at a hen do, and good taste is allowed (and encouraged) to go out of the window (for one night/weekend only)!

The ideas for the chief hen are endless. Do bear in mind what your bride would appreciate tho… and keep the cost as competitive as you can- unless you are best friends with Meghan Markle, you probably need to err on the lower end of the champagne budget!

Ideally you will have plenty of time to get things into place. Get the confirmations and deposits asap, but as Chief Hen (or Control Freak Bride), you will definitely have to take a chill pill, as the hen do is not going to be top of everyone else’s “Keep the Date ” (as opposed to the wedding which should be booked out in advance as far ahead as possible) Be prepared for some flakers, but don’t let it get you down; You can’t please everyone! But one thing that is bound to bond you all, is starring in your own music video; Get made up, and have some choreography, choose your song and Bob’s your uncle. The pro producer and cameraman will capture your attempts to be Britney and turn it into your very own DVD. Perfect for conserving your memories, and showcasing at the wedding reception.

Whether you’re planning a raucous game of bingo, a weekend away in the country with nothing but booze, adult movies and Deliveroo on speed dial, or a much more civilised spa break with your nearest and dearest, it’s worth having a kitty if buying booze or food, and make everyone aware that those are the rules, so any non-drinkers/pigeon appetites will have to swallow it! Also make sure someone is sensible enough to take piccies as these are bound to be priceless- even if you just head out for a civilised afternoon tea!

Organising a hen do should not be as stressful as you think; Consider it like planning the ultimate gathering with your besties. Camping or glamping, is an under-rated hen weekend. It’s the perfect starting point to get everyone in the mood if you are planning a tipi wedding and what’s better than bonding under the stars? Get all your girls (or girls and boys why not be super 21st century?!) for a mini break in a field. This way you can collate pre wedding memories and everyone will know each other on the big day.

Hope that’s given you some food for thought… and I haven’t mentioned blow up man dolls, or willy straws once!