Most people will have some kind of fizzy beverage at their wedding. But why not look outside the box and create a special cocktail to celebrate your special day? One of the perks of hiring a Love Tipis tipi for your event means that you can drink whatever you want with no bar or corkage charge!!

Take a classic mix and add a personal touch and you can turn a Romeo and Juliet in Mr & Mrs Jones/Harris/Bloggs….etc, or you could even name one after us!

Choosing something with little faff and preparation is ideal- as you don’t want to have a bar queue; and if you can pre-prepare it and have it ready to go in jugs, you will save money and effort on the day. And if you’re having a party in a tipi, you are probably quite creative and can keep your glasses selection as random as you like. Think glass jam jars, mismatched tea cups, paper cups, old mugs or jug style pub beer glasses. Anything goes/

The classic Pimms is a great icebreaker, but so easy!

Slice a selection of fruit. Typically, 1/2 a cucumber, 8 strawberries, ½ an orange, ½ lemon, ½ green apple and pop into a pitcher or punch bowl, add a bottle of Pimms and soda water and stir. Make sure it’s served with some lovely soggy alcohol soaked fruit!

If you’re wishful thinking that your day will be sunny, the perfect combination to cool everyone down will be the Pre-Nup (a freezer box will be needed to stash the ice cream!)

Based on the Zingy Lemon, this one will ensure you won’t get a bitter taste in your mouth.

Add lemon sorbet ice cream to a long glass, add a splash of Cachaça then top off with Prosecco. Stir gently and you have an surprisingly easy, crowd pleasing wedding day, slush puppy.


The First Dance

Perfect to get the bride n groom in the mood- this is strong enough to give anyone Dutch courage to start the dancing off, and then the rest of the guests can follow.

Mix a large slug of English dry gin, a dash of Dubonnet and Angostura bitters, with pomegranate juice and lemonade to dilute.



Of course you can’t take your guests on honeymoon with you, but you can let them toast you with this tropical inspired concoction. A cheeky take on a Caribbean Breeze, you can make your own Jamaican adventure.

A large measure of coconut flavoured rum

Mixed with a single shot of Grand Marnier and grenadine

Topped off with fiery ginger beer, freshly squeezed lime, and lots of ice.


Love at First Sight

This could be something that you invent yourselves and means something to you- be creative, and you never know some of your guest might follow suit and lock lips after a couple of these!

Take inspo from the classic Long Island Ice Tea and be prepared for a sexy night. So easy to make too.

Mix a small shot of vodka, gin, rum, tequila and orange juice in a long glass with ice, and top with as much coca cola you need!

And make a personal one for just you two. Try the Perfect Pair for the Mrs

A large measure of vodka mixed with orange juice and vanilla liqueur over lots of crushed ice and finish off with two cocktail cherries.


or Johnny Rocket for the hubs…

Something that will keep the party going all night!

Vodka, Baileys, coffee flavoured syrup over ice. Also known as an Espresso Martini, add some coffee beans for a total caffeine hit!

Above all, drink sensibly and don’t forget to take pictures!