What kind of cake is the best wedding cake? Do you opt for a classic sponge or something more exotic? There world of cakes offers a lot of options to tickle your taste buds.

Your wedding cake is the most important cake you will ever order and that it needs to be able to feed people, not just look pretty; Ideally the presentation and sensual taste, will linger in a good way!

With the vegan movement taking the world by storm, why not try a cake which is free from animal produce and pesky e numbers and preservatives? These cakes don’t have to be a compromise, and you can opt for fancy or glamorous, sleek and sophisticated, rustic or homely, but you won’t have to compromise on taste.

In fact, vegan cakes are generally pretty healthy, and are completely void of powders, substitutes, flavours, emulsifiers and artificial colouring. Lending themselves to fresh ingredients, an apple cider vinegar and oil combo is most often the substitute for an egg, and allows for the baker to be totally inventive. If you’re dietary requirements are dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, egg free, soy free or nut free, don’t worry! You can still have fun with your cake….

Organic fruit purees add a moist texture, and soya or coconut milk create the fat content; Eggs generally get replaced with sunflower oil, and flavours come from lemon, vanilla or chocolate essences. Think of blueberry or peach and mint for inspiration!

Vegan baking offers a totally different way of making cakes using healthier and more sustainable products. Whether you are intolerant to eggs (or gluten), there is no need to fret about your wedding guests (and partner) having to boycott a tasty cake.

Even the traditional cakes such as Red Velvet, lemon meringue, cookies and cream, raspberry mojito to matcha and cherry cake can be fashioned to suit your vision!

Here’s a pick of our favourite vegan cake makers from our neighbourhoods. Happy tasting!

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