Just because you are having your wedding or party in a tipi, doesn’t mean you have to stick to the typical “festival” theme. Why not break some rules and add a splash of the exotic with a carnival theme?

Why wear a long white wedding dress? Throw caution out of the window and opt for something more suited to dancing on the beach in Cuba…. And get your groom and his best men to ditch the three piece for something more casual.

Just add a big blossom to your hair, and sun kissed skin, and no one will realise you wed on a Wednesday in Bognor Regis!

Bold colours and hanging decorations are the perfect addition to a white tipi, and you can have lots of fun dressing garlands and fairy lights. These do not have to be tacky pineapple shaped affairs, tropical themes have been gracing weddings in hot countries for decades, so imagine you are in Hawaii and start sourcing lush leaves and palms such at monstera leaf, banana leaf or bismarckia – these are perfectly complemented with magnolia or chic white orchids, and make a stunning door way decoration or floral ring.

Take inspiration from vibrant tropical birds, and use the zingy colour scheme to decorate the tables; Cacti, flamingos and pineapples can be subtle! Or choose a colour palette of citrus fruits -the zingy colours work really well together.

This type of table setting lends itself well to finger food, and spreading a buffet selection of fresh snacky items works wonders trailing a centre piece of palm fronds, and cold finger food could include brightly coloured salads, salsa dips, fried prawns, sushi, guacamole, melon, pineapple and mango chunks, chicken skewers and mini tartlets.

Think refreshing ice cream or fruit lollies instead of the normal cupcakes and cocktails galore. Don’t forget bright napkins and wooden table mats, and you can transport your guests to Hawaii without leaving the Home Counties.

One of the most inspirational wedding themes, fingers crossed the weather is as hot as your planning!