Love Tipis canine wedding



Whether you have children, or pets, there is no good reason why your wedding day shouldn’t include them!

Love Tipis canine wedding

And having a party in a tipi means that all are welcome! Be it toddlers, to your faithful four legged friends- after all they are an important part of the rest of your life! We rent our tipis out for hire all across the south of England, and there are countless fields and venues which are dog friendly. Why not consider glamping it up for the whole weekend?

Love Tipis canine wedding

Allowing your pet to be “guest of honour” or ring bearer or flower girl are common roles, but however cute he/she might look in their starring role, carefully consider whether they would feel comfortable trussed up in a dickie bow or headpiece. They can’t voice their opinion, but chances are that they will not be completely used to being centre of attention.

Love Tipis canine wedding

Important factors to consider is will your pet feel comfortable around your guests? Is he obedient and well behaved? Does he bark, or get overly excited? Will he jump up and spoil the bride’s dress, smudge make up with loving licks and kisses?

Love Tipis canine wedding

Even the friendliest dog can be overwhelmed by a crowd of guests and if he doesn’t have his faithful mum and dad looking after him (as they will be doing something slightly more important like tying the knot) … he may feel a bit uneasy. This also goes for guests. Believe it or not, some people are scared or allergic to dogs.

Love Tipis canine wedding

In the ideal situation, you would arrange a designated pooch loving friend, who would be in control of Fido throughout the ceremony; Acting as guide and master, this is a super important role as they can get the pup ready to go and manage his adrenalin afterwards. You’ll be busy getting married, so you can’t be responsible for him throughout the whole show! Make sure it’s someone he knows well, as making sure he behaves at all times in these circumstances is a pretty big ask! Children generally love taking the lead with dogs at weddings, but no child would want to keep hold of a doggie all afternoon.

Love Tipis canine wedding

No you are signed, sealed and official, you are probably going to want to mingle you’re your guests. And having Fido at your heels at every move might be a bit much. Don’t forget doggie food and treats, and a water bowl. And if possible have somewhere quiet on site where he can retire to if it all gets too much! After all it’s his day too!

On that note, we have compiled the best places for pre-wedding doggie grooming across the south coast, which all get our dog licks of approval!

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