Wedding photography is not easy, so check out our tips for getting the best match for you.

Whatever kind of wedding you are planning, photography is an important part of it. After all you will want to remember the big day (in pics or a video) and will be far too busy to capture it yourselves as you will be too occupied schmoozing with your guests. And however much you love your friends, trusting them to bag flattering shots on their Iphones after a shed load of champagne, might be a little ambitious!

So why not call in a pro? Wedding photographers are ten a penny, but getting the right one for you will involve some research. Don’t just go on recommendation. You need to meet, or at least talk to the photographer and see their portfolio before the big day. After all if you are looking for something quirky, a classic shooter will not get you in your best light. Conversely, if you want natural non-posed shots, you will want to fully brief the photographer so there is no misunderstanding.

If you hate having your photo taking, you need to let the photographer know, and if you can, hang out with them first and get a few test shots done, so you can warm up- pre wedding pics are actually a lovely reminder of why you are getting married, and often make pride of place on the bookshelf along with ones of the big day.

Wedding photographers vary in cost, for a reason.. The good ones can be expensive, because they are experienced, and worth every penny! My suggestion is not to go for a ‘package’ photographer, after all why should your wedding fit into a production line of staged images. Most charge by the hour, or have a day rate, but make sure you clarify how many images will be retouched and produced, and get a deadline for receiving the finished product.

The best images are often the intimate moments which are subtly captured, and your snapper should get in touch to find your itinerary for the day, so can work around that.

If in doubt, get the photographer to take ‘behind the scenes’ images, where you and your party are not posing which are a touching narrative. These intimate shots are priceless, and can really represent the dynamics of the day, and often a picture of the groom doing up his shoes, the best man straightening his tie or the bride getting made up or hugging her dad are essential parts of the perfect day!


Little details of the dress, shoes, food and venue (especially if you hire your tipi from Love Tipis) and other couples enjoying themselves are also a charming memoir from your special day. After all, it’s not all about you.

Oh, actually it is!!! Enjoy


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