Wedding lingerie is as important as your dress!

There’s nothing more indulgent than slipping into some super luxe lingerie.

And on your wedding day you should feel like a Princess from inside to out, and under no circumstances neglect your wedding day smalls..

Once you have chosen your dress, your underwear will be the next challenge. Is it off the shoulder, so you will need a strapless bra? Or you going halter neck so you will need a bikini style or can you go bra-less (with nipple pasties- google them!) if the dress is backless…Whether your frock balconettes your boobs, or you need them strapping down, make sure that you try your undies on with the dress as all bases should be covered.

The same goes for knickers. Thongs… either love them or hate them, they are a safe bet under a slinky dress; However, if you couldn’t think of anything worse or more uncomfortable and would be fidgeting your way through your big day in a g string, there are other options- just don’t choose anything with an elasticated leg or ruffles.

Consider whether your dress is slinky and fitted, in which case you would need a plain style of pants; If you’re going more flouncy, you can get away with lace. Boy pants are sexy, and French knickers are great as they don’t leave a VPL. Whatever your mum might say, you don’t have to have a matching set! You might not even need a set!! Traditionalists might want to wear a (blue) garter, or stockings…but make sure you try out the suspender belt with the dress to ensure buckles don’t show- or get hold ups.

Some dresses will be super tight around the waist, so to get some extra shaping you might want to wear a girdle… or something slightly more attractive! But to be honest, everyone will be interested in the dress not what’s underneath. Chances of your fiancé getting excited to get you out of the dress, and not giving two hoots about undoing a corset should be the least of your worries! After all it’s your day so you need to be comfortable.

An alternative to forgoing wedding lingerie under the dress is to get some wedding night undies. Get carried over the threshold and pop into the bathroom where you can slip on your dream attire without any fear of it spoiling your dress. After all sexy underwear deserves a moment of its own.. Let’s just hope your hubbie makes just as much effort!

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