Wedding days are generally remembered for the dress, location (aherm especially if it’s a tipi) and the food, whilst the Best Man’s Speech becomes a distant blur….

However, it is pretty integral part of the celebrations, and even though it might be filled with rude words and gags (probably best to cross check how much swearing can be tolerated by the bride and groom’s families before you get carried away), the speech is a bromantic token for the Best Man and the Groom. A ten minute (tops) tribute to how wonderful he is!

Many Best Men have been known to need a drink before addressing the ‘congregation’ but that is not such a good move. For a start, you will probably be using a microphone and need to be in control, and secondly it is a sure fire way of forgetting your words. Ideally you won’t be reading them verbatim, but a neatly written version or pointers on a page of A4 is perfectly acceptable. On no account expect to go unprepared and wing it on the day.

Presumably you are not a comedian! So you don’t have to make everyone laugh at everything you say. It is your job to basically delight the bride’s parents with witty and gallant stories of their son in law, so they will trust him to behold their princes from thereon…if this is going to be quite a challenge, wow them with his grades in Junior School or cubs, or skills at being the banker at Monopoly.

Start by introducing yourself and how you know the groom. You will need to have collated at least a few embarrassing stories about him, but avoid in-jokes as they will fall on deaf ears! Have a selection of memories to share, and include the bride in some anecdotes as she will be the one having to live with the sleepwalker/man who is allergic to jam/ man who has toenails like Gollum, for ever after.

Avoid sharing how wasted you both used to get at University or the number of notches he has etched on his bed post, as these are not relevant. Especially if one of the bridesmaids or wedding guests have been a past conquest!! But any particularly funny memories of how the Bride has one up on him should raise a giggle.

Ideally you will have something affectionate but questionable to say about him, which was reconciled by his meeting with his beautiful Bride (don’t forget to mention how stunning she looks!) Most guests will know how the couple met, but giving a jokey spin on this will add to the romance.

Always thank the guests, bridesmaids and the hosts (usually the bride’s parents), as well as the groom for choosing you against everyone else to be his BM and end with a toast. Sometimes there are tears (of laughter or joy) in the room.

It’s probably best to practice on some friends first, to ensure your speech is harmless and not going to fill the tent with tumbleweed. But most of all enjoy the challenge, and the power.. for ten whole minutes the whole wedding is in the palm of your hand.

Thank us later!

If you need any inspo of where to start, these offer some crackers.



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