christmas with the in laws


How to survive Christmas with the in-laws

christmas with the in laws

Congratulations, you’ve got hitched, and you’re excited to celebrate your first happy Christmas together, but now you don’t just have your crazy family to contend with- everyone has a crazy family at Christmas, believe me!

Even if your husband/wife’s family are laid back, there is bound to be some drama over how long to cook the sprouts, how much Baileys is acceptable before lunch or the post lunch TV selection Everything resolves around Christmas dinner, and lucky you, you will now have to enjoy two of them! Even the time of lunch can turn the most mild mannered Uncle into a grumpy old man, and let’s not mention the Queen’s Speech. No/Yes. It’s as debatable as BREXIT.

So, the best thing you can do is settle in and enjoy the ride. Accept that this Christmas is going to be a totally new experience; And as you are betrothed to your in-law’s offspring, you have no excuses but to join in with the soap opera that is bound to unfold before you. Obviously this will be exaggerated with alcohol, so watch and learn, and try to avoid anything that makes you feel uncomfortable next year. Families- especially sisters are prone to be prickly when cooped up for more than a day together, so be prepared to see your gentle Mrs reacting to a red flag..

If you are lucky, you will be able to make excuses to drive to the other end of the country to see your family, but plan a minimum of two days to keep each set of parents sweet!

Your Christmas holidays will in fact be even more family and less holiday from now on, and there is no doubt that aunties and grannies will be popping up out of the woodwork, to see you, the newlyweds and ask the dreaded question- when they can expect your firstborn!

However you choose to reply, take heed in Gavin and Stacey’s first married Christmas, and whatever the family’s traditions are, embrace them. You never know you might enjoy eating Chinese takeaway for Christmas tea, and have an inner exhibitionist when forced to play tipsy charades.

My best advice to save your sanity, would be take a book, headphones, a great playlist and some pyjamas. Don’t be intimidated in saying yes to everything just to be polite- you really don’t have to have that third mince pie or cold turkey sandwich. Take some time out for a walk, or a drive or go to the pub. No-one will mind and getting out for a while gives everyone a break from being on their best behaviour. And if the family is a tad highly strung, it might just save your marriage!

Just think, after two or three years of marriage, you’ll be a pro! Good luck, and happy Christmas from the Love Tipis Team!

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