Rainy wedding day Love Tipis


So, you have to be prepared for rain….

Rainy wedding day Love Tipis

Thankfully our tipis are pretty hardwearing and will withstand most of the inclement weather conditions that the UK throws at us.

We use Tentipi structures which were founded in Sweden, so they function in the snow, as well as the sun! The only time we would have an issue is when it’s super windy, as that means it’s trickier for our crew to erect them.

If in any doubt, and you’re having a wedding in a field, it’s always a good idea to suggest your guests to pack wellies and a brolly whatever the season. Umbrellas can always double as parasols on a sunny day, whilst wellies can always be filled with ice cubes to store bottled drink. Win Win!

So, even if the heavens open (or are threatening to) you can rest assured that you and your guests will be toasty and dry once inside the tipi, but a few extra pointers to keeping muddy feet to a minimum might include

An indoors fire pit to help guests dry off and give everyone a lovely warm glow.

An umbrella stand- this doesn’t have to be fancy (it could be a wooden crate) but it will be very useful for keeping soggy brollies out of the way.

Spare umbrellas for those who didn’t bring one.

Some towels and crate for used ones.

A basket of flips flops.

Blankets in case guests need to warm up.

All our tipis are complete with luxury woven matted flooring, and our dance floors are wooden, so you won’t have to worry about slip sliding about once you are inside.

And if you have planned to keep your tipi sides up, the rain won’t soak through the canvas, and will run straight off the lifts. In fact, once inside, the sound of raindrops on canvas is actually quite appealing.


Whatever the weather, remember this is your big day and the rain or shine will be the last thing that people will want to talk about!

Embrace Mother Nature and make sure your snaps show that your day is all about the love.

Check out our brochure for packages and inspo, and call us with any other questions. We will be happy to help.