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So, you want to make it official and marry that man you’ve been madly in love with for the last thirteen years? Congratulations! Whether you’re male, female or prefer not to say, we love a good wedding, and provide our tipis for all kinds of celebrations.

Same-sex marriage was legalised in the UK (apart from Northern Ireland) in March 2014, and our tipis are the perfect place to continue your special day. We haven’t yet got the go-ahead for a civil ceremony in our structures yet, but you can get blessed by a celebrant, which makes a lovely start to your day, and create a beautiful ceremony for your guests. By using a celebrant, you don’t have the traditional registry office restrictions, and you can create a bespoke

Ceremony to include all the best bits! It can include religious or spiritual content, quotes and decelerations of love, and it is the ideal time to swap the rings with your partner as a married couple. *You will have to pop to the registry office to sign the papers at least 15 days prior to this with two witlessness.

One of the perks of being a gay couple is you don’t have to follow any stuffy traditions.. Love your last name? Keep it! Want to double up? That’s ok too; Or you could try meshing! Which is a combination of both surnames… or just invent one yourself! All are allowed, and just need to be sent off on a deed poll form, which can be signed and posted at any time to make it official! *Bear in mind your passport, driving licence and other official docs will have to be changed too. However, if you want to take your partner’s surname or vice versa, your UK marriage certificate will be accepted to change all your official docs.

You can break even more rules by having a same-sex hen or stag party – which works especially well if you have lots of mutual friends. Large group activities such as a holiday in a big rented villa are a popular choice or think about a sten/hag do which is the unofficial term for mixed gender nights out!

So, what do two brides wear to their wedding? Will they be in competition? And do they have to match? Again, no rules! The good thing is, there is not the custom of not seeing the bride the night before, and two brides (and grooms) will most certainly have discussed their apparel pre the big day. But getting dressed separately will still allow for the “big reveal” ….

In a hetro marriage, the bride walks down the aisle with her father who hands her over to her husband, but in the case of two brides (or grooms) they can be walked down individually by mum or dad or both arrive together! With same sex weddings, no one has to take on the role of “bride” or “groom”, just do it the way you like! However, many see it as a way of parents giving their blessing to the marriage and a happy, loving gesture.

Whether you want to keep to any customs or not, the rules of alternating male and female guests is one you can chuck out of the window- after all you will be leading the revolution by sitting next to your new same sex hubbie (or wife) so why should everyone else be split up! However, when you are doing your table plans, try and consider the personalities of your friends and family and pepper all your gregarious pals amongst the shy ones to keep the conversation flowing!

Same sex weddings are actually no different to straight ones- after all it is not a pretend wedding!  And cutting the cake and first dance are still perfect photo opportunities, as is throwing the bouquet(s) and the embarrassing after dinner speeches!

Whether you’re going for glam, or something more refined, it’s your wedding day so do it the way you want it, and most of all enjoy!

gay wedding. love tipis

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