Planning a wedding takes a lot of work- there are no two ways about it! From wedding lists to flowers to bridesmaids and seating plans. But who organises you?

Fear not! That’s where your favourite aunty at Love Tipis HQ steps up… While you’ve been planning all the logistics and table cloths, I am here to give you a gentle nudge, that at about two weeks before your big day, you should book in for some preening.

Whether you are going to go for a whole new hairdo, do not, I repeat, do not leave it until the very last minute to make up your mind. Hair is a fickle creature at the best of times and doesn’t necessarily cope under stress. Beg your normally hairdresser to come and jhoooz you on the big day or have someone who knows you and your hair to add your flowers or veil. No-one likes a grumpy bride with out of control hair!

Same as teeth whitening and any injectables. Factor in this cost to your budget and bear in mind any down time. If you turn up on the big day with a flashlight smile and moon face, you might be talked about for all the wrong reasons! Get used to the radical new you, and then you can walk down the aisle with confidence. But I wouldn’t recommend anything major anyway, as you will be feeling pretty nervous as it is!

Wedding Prep Love Tipis

Grooms on the other hand can leave all their grooming until the very last minute; A quick trim, and some product on the beard- bingo! Don’t forget to shoosh some aftershave too, you’re going to be having a lot of clinches! And if you’re going for a clean cut, book in a master barber the day before who will leave your face feeling as soft as a baby.

love tipis shave

In the ideal world, this would be preceded by a facial – for the bride and groom! Book in to a pro salon about one week before D day and get something that exfoliates all the dead skins away in preparation for your new life together. And make sure you drink lots of water in the lead up. Alcohol will only make your skin thirsty, whilst water will keep it fresh and plump!

love tipis couple facemask

Other bridal preparations you may want to consider are a spray tan…Definitely do not do this the night before as it will stain everything orange, and you will look like a barbie doll- I’d recommend a test run a couple of months before first, so you can suss out the deepness of your tan.

love tipis spraytan

Waxing, wherever is necessary can be done as close to D day as you dare. Especially useful if you are going straight off on honeymoon! And if you have never had your pits waxed, this is great excuse- the pain is worth it, promise!

love tipis waxing

Nails are another treat that many brides forget. Yes, it is easy enough to get your maid of honour to magic up some polish on the big day, but getting a mani and pedi, so you are ready for the close ups, is a treat that you should really try and squeeze in the day before. Do it as close to wedding day as poss, so there is minimal chance of chipping.

love tipis mani

I’m not suggesting the groom gets his nails shaped, but he should make sure his hands are moisturised and cuticles are in order too.

And then relax and enjoy your big day.

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