There is something bewitching about a winter wedding. The romance of twirling around in the crisp dusk air and wrapping up in each others arms, with a live saxophonist playing your favourite tune. January and February weddings are becoming much more popular as it goes against the norm, and gives guests something to look forward to in the dismal early months of the year.


But for a winter wedding around Christmas, you will have to give careful thought to your guests, their family commitments and if they need to travel, before you select your date. If someone is flying in for your big day, you need to have it close enough to (or far enough from) Christmas so they can either do both in one trip and have time to go home. December 28th to 31st are popular dates; Earlier in December can be busy so give your guests plenty of notice!


But whatever month you choose, Love Tipis offers a welcoming backdrop. Offering the ideal hosting for small or large gatherings, or tipis can house anywhere from 25 guests up to 250 seated on our rustic hand-crafted benches or round tables. With the sides down, the interior is cosy and warm and protects from all weathers; our tan or off white canvases also provide lots of scope for you to go to town on the decoration, making it the perfect environment for a beautiful rustic wedding in a winter woodland setting.

winter weddings



A white and silver colour palette sets an enchanting scene for nuptials with a winter wonderland theme, alternatively, you could embrace the classic holiday scheme with touches of greens or go the whole hog and bring in a beautifully decorated Christmas tree!

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There’s no need to worry how a tipi will look after dark as it comes into its own at dusk (and the silhouette makes for some stunning images). We always suggest our fairy lights wrapped around internal poles, which can be cranked up with a dimmer switch and toned down for more atmosphere. Tea candles in glass jars are a lovely rustic touch too, as is outside festoon lighting on shepherds’ crooks and uplighters to showcase a pathway or in any surrounding trees.

There are some lovely scented candle options at The Range



Love Tipis Tipi Lighting


We have lots of heating options and are used to keeping things toasty for our customers. Most clients opt for our thermostatically controlled Arcotherm heaters, which warm up any number of tipis. A further addition are our fire pits, which are virtually smokeless, so your guests can enjoy an open fire without smelling like a barbeque! They also give off a lovely light as well as being useful for toasting marshmallows.

We can put a lovely sturdy wooden door at the entrance to the structure and why not have a hot toddy waiting for your guests on arrival? And a stack of warm blankets on standby.

We love the blackboard buckets from The Wedding of My Dreams

winter wedding- marshmallows


It gets dark much earlier in the winter so adjust your photo timeline for more light. Schedule your guests’ arrival time for late afternoon, so any group shots can be done at twilight (as well as before the ceremony). And consider just the bride and groom popping out at sunset for some stunning golden hour shots too.



Winter weddings are still glamorous affairs, but layering is key, and ensure you have a wrap, cape or (faux) fur handy that will work with your frock for any photographs. Ditto for the groom- an overcoat will keep you looking fresh. Spray any suede or leather shoes to protect them from being stained in wet weather or use heel protectors to help prevent any heel damage; and it goes without saying for a wedding at any time of year in the UK, have lots of umbrellas on hand!

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Keep a pack of tissues handy with your Maid of Honour. You never know if you’ll need a quick nose blow or have a stray tear!


Wear waterproof mascara! In case it rains, and in case you cry. Both bride and groom should wear lip balm too as lips tend to dry out in cold, windy conditions.

You can’t go wrong with a pot of Vaseline – you can even have the small tins personalised, as a unique wedding favour for your guests!

On that note, if you are gifting wedding favours, make them something useful- a personalised blankets or pashmina, sparklers or little bottles of Baileys or whiskey are perfect for winter months.

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