Additional Terms and Conditions for postponements to 2022

Coronavirus Terms & Conditions 2021

The terms below constitute terms supplemental to Love Tipis’ standard terms of business, a copy of which is attached to this email. In the event of a conflict between these additional terms and the standard terms of business, these supplemental terms shall apply.

It should be noted that the normal Love Tipis Terms & Conditions makes expressly clear that postponement is at the client’s risk, they should have insurance to cover any eventuality. It is not Love Tipis responsibility to mitigate risks on the client’s behalf. Should clients, requesting postponement, not accept these terms they shall remain on Love Tipis standard Terms & Conditions and these additional terms shall not apply.

1. These additional terms apply only to clients wishing to change the date of their event due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all other reasons for postponement are covered in our standard Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to revise and amend the Conditions at any time without notice to you. Your continued use of (or any part thereof) or our Services following a change shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such change. It is your responsibility to check regularly to determine whether we have changed these Conditions.

2. If you decide that you have no choice but to postpone your event due to Coronavirus, please let us know by email. Love Tipis will send you potential alternative dates. We shall endeavour to accommodate all clients that wish to move to 2022. Availability of all alternative dates is on a first come first served basis.

3. Should you propose a postponement to a date that Love Tipis has not offered, we reserve the right to add an additional service charge in order to agree to the date that is proposed.

4. All Postponements shall be subject to a one-off administration fee to cover the additional work necessary to move the event date.  Postponements to 2022 where there is no Government guidance prohibiting such gatherings on the event date, will be charged an additional postponement fee towards the losses incurred in losing that booking date, which could have been offered to other potential clients.

5. All fees will be applicable from the date where postponement is agreed, fees will not be voided or refunded retrospectively where Government guidance comes into place subsequent to that date.

6. The administration fee shall be £100 plus VAT regardless of the event size. The additional postponement fee shall be £100 plus VAT per Giant hat Tipi, Cirrus or Stretch tent.

7. Postponements until 2022 where Government guidance prohibits gatherings on the event date, agreed at the time that guidance is in place, will only be subject to the administration fee.

8. Should Love Tipis find a replacement similar booking on the clients 2021 date Love Tipis will refund the postponement fee based on a pro rata basis, based on the number of Giant hat tipis, cirrus tipis or stretch tents that we have managed to book for that date.

9. If clients do not or cannot pay these addition charges they will remain on our Standard Terms & conditions; their original date will remain valid. Should any client of Love Tipis Ltd cancel their event due to Government guidance prohibiting or restricting the size of event we have been contracted to supply, their 2021 contract with Love Tipis will be terminated, as per our Standard terms. Love Tipis will offer a credit equivalent to their lost deposit, this will only be applicable to a new booking of an equivalent number of tipis/stretch tents booked in 2022. Love Tipis will deduct a £100 + VAT administration fee from their deposit amount which will form the credit, all 2021 prices shall revert to new 2022 prices.

10. The credit is only valid for one calendar year from the cancellation date. The credit can be used against a new booking of the same number of tipis or stretch tents as the original cancelled booking. Any reduction in these structures shall lead to the credit being reduced on a pro rata basis. For example, a cancelled 2021 booking of two tipis, where the credit goes towards a new single tipi booking in 2022, will reduce the credit by 50%. This credit cannot be sold or exchanged with any other individual or group. There is no cash alternative to the credit.

11. Love Tipis will email acceptance of any requested date after clients confirm their wish to accept any proposed date on receipt of payment of the above outlined fees, this payment shall form an agreement from the client to these additional terms. All postponement dates should only be considered confirmed on receipt of the acceptance email. Any requests for further changes of date will be at the solely at the discretion of Love Tipis Ltd.

12. Your acceptance of a date in 2022 will cancel all arrangements for any date in 2021, should the situation change subsequently (i.e. meaning the date in 2021 is actually feasible), we shall endeavour to accommodate you, subject to availability, but shall require a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice (to ensure we have the necessary crew, equipment and transport). A change of date (back to an original 2021 date) shall be subject only to Love Tipis written agreement.

11. Your acceptance of a new date constitutes your full acceptance of these additional terms, as well as our standard full terms and conditions.

12. Our usual cancellation policy still remains in place; however, your original date remains the applicable date from which any cancellation would be based on.

13. Any discounts will not be carried over when postponing. New discounts will be solely at the discretion of Love Tipis Ltd.