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We have a wide range of lighting options available to help create your desired atmosphere.

From fairy lights which adorn the Tipi’s Siberian pine poles, and give a warm glow throughout the whole interior (and emphasise the structure); To spotlights that focus on a particular area.

Our up lighters (which come in a range of interesting colours) are great to illuminate the canvas to create a unique ambience when the night time draws in and are battery powered or cabled.

If you’re planning a disco, we offer two sizes of disco balls, and you can jazz up your outside chill out area with Festoon lighting, which creates an exceptional overview after dark, and also provides useful light for when the party finishes!

For outside lights, we recommend Uplighters and pretty hanging Festoons that can be hung between the apex of the tipis or their entrances or along pathways on shepherds crooks.

Waterproof battery powered Uplighters can illuminate trees and other features which added ooomph to any venue.

We also provide fire pits or bowls for indoor or outdoor use.